Master Illustration - Bordeaux Montaigne University 

The Master Illustration is is an unprecedented pathway in French universities. It trains graphic design professionals in art, culture, data, and education (with applications such as children’s books, web and multimedia, press and communication, and graphic design). The program focuses on practical work (such as drawing in all its forms, specialized workshops and graphic chains) and calls for proposals (involving commissions and collaborations). It also includes instruction from a theoretical point of view on the history of illustration, publishing, and narrative systems. It culminates in a final creative research project, defended at the end of the program in front of a jury composed of lecturer-researchers and professionals (such as editors, authors, and illustrators). The Master Illustration is lastly defined by its international mindset, with a semester abroad in one of its partner universities or Art Schools.


Illustration section

Stéphane Abboud
Artist, video artist and teacher, he coordinates the video workshops at Bordeaux Montaigne University in the Arts and also Design section. For several years, he surveyed international stages as a VJ with cinema and video supports, or by developing image architecture for live performances.

Julien Béziat
Lecturer in Arts at Bordeaux Montaigne University and head of the Master Illustration. His research focuses both on imaginary spaces and the relationship between art and cartography, and on the questions of contemporary illustration. He is also an illustrator and author of picture books published by Editions Pastel / L'école des loisirs.

Clémentine Beauvais
She is a youth literature author and also a Lecturer in Education at the University of York (UK). Her field of study revolves around childen's literature, school translation, and childhood studies. Her children's books, from children's picture book to novels for teenagers, are published mainly by Sarbacane editions (FR).

Florent Chardin
Professor in BTEC (BTS) Studies of Realization of a Communication Project at the High School Albert Bayet in Tours. He obtained the title of "Meilleur ouvrier de France" (Best Craftsman of France) in Communication, multimedia and audiovisual professions - option Technician of prepress platform in 2018. He's also prepress trainer and advisor for printers.

Anne-Perrine Couët
Cartoonist and illustrator. She teaches drawing and screeprinting at Bordeaux Montaigne University. Over the past decade, she organized exhibitions and multiple projects with the artistic collective Sauvage Garage, websites such as Arts en Fac and events like the 24 hour Comics Day (les 24 heures de la Bande dessinée) in Bordeaux.

Guillaume Delamarche
Freelance graphic designer, he teaches screeprinting, graphic practices and also infography at Bordeaux Montaigne University. Layouts, signage, typographic character designs are part of his fields of action.

Anne-Charlotte Remaux
Webmarketing professional in publishing. She founded « Boucan », a digital communication agency, to support brands and entrepreneurs in their webmarketing strategy. She also shares her knowledge of the book sector to help community players to communicate on the web and on social networks.

Antoine Ullmann
Publisher and gallerist, he dedicate himself to make Art History and Illustration available to all. Since 2008, he has been the director of DADA, "the first art journal", and publishes related Picture book (with the same name). He is also the founder of the publishing house Tishina and director of the Robillard gallery, dedicated to illustration.

Artists and professionals invited:

Albertine, author illustrator illustratrice
Germano Zullo, author
Lionel Cazaux, graphic designer and illustrator
Régis Lejonc, author illustrator
Johanna Schipper, author illustrator
David Fournol, bookseller specializing in comics
Maxime Derouen, philosopher, author and designer
Laureline Mattiussi, illustrator and comic book author
Elisa Lévêque, ceramist
Mehdi Beneitez, designer and serigraph

Core Curriculum (Research, Edition, Comics)

Pierre Baumann

Olivier Bessard-Banquy

Hélène Camarade

Laura Caraballo

Nicolas Champ

Jean-Paul Gabilliet

Nicolas Labarre

Hélène des Ligneris

Guillaume Muller

Sylvie Nérisson

Maxime Roudil

Alban Pichon

Isabelle Touton

David Vincent